The Best Ways To Start & End Your Day


Relax Mode: ON

“I have a bedtime routine which I relish and couldn’t live without. I put on my Muji diffuser with lavender oil and begin the many beauty steps I take to get ready for bed- cleansers, toners, serums, oils and moisturisers are applied and all the other necessaries are done. My pillow has a few spritz from my ‘this works deep sleep’ pillow spray, my lavender eye pillow bean bag goes on and I’m out like a light” - Rose Ashby, Head Chef at Spring.

“I invest in my daily short meditations, yoga, acupuncture and a lot of other personal development sessions. I try to be in the moment, with my husband and my kids but also my friends and family. And I try to keep my passions intact and a lot of beauty in my life” - Marisa Burn-Pichler, Founder of Burning Lights.

Stay Active

“I go to my studio by bike or bus around 9 o’clock after leaving my son at kindergarten. I’m always working on several paintings and commissions at the same time so I just continue where I left the day before. When one painting dries I do cut outs for another one, and so it goes. I’m a big fan of tea and I always have at least two big cups a day. Something I do is always try to visit a vintage shop on my way home” - Emilia Ilke, Artist.

“I love running and I tend to go for runs late in the evening when Hyde Park is empty and have a me time. That me time is very important.” - Madara, Founder of What’s Your Legacy


Make Yourself Some Food

“Mornings have never been my strong point and I am most certainly not able to speak until 9am and a few cups of tea in” says Rose Ashby, Head Chef at Spring. “I then go back home to my favourite high street in London, Turnham Green and I think about dinner for myself and my fiancé Oli. My favourite shop is a cute green grocer called Lemons and Limes where I buy all my vegetables. I can’t remember the last time I cooked meat or fish at home, we prefer to eat vegetarian to avoid buying supermarket products which are all too often bad quality and irresponsibly sourced”

Enjoy The Outdoors (Cafes)

“There are very few days that are the same, which is exactly what I like about being an entrepreneur. That being said, of course my life includes many hours at the desk. To take a break, these are my top three recommendations in Copenhagen: Wulff & Konstali for coffee meeting, California Kitchen for lunch, the beach at Amager Strand for walks” - Victoria Weber, Founder of Mermaid Stories

Pick Up A Podcast

“I get all my ideas and motivation late at night which tends to keep me up, so I usually start my mornings around 8:30am. I'll then write my to-do list for the day and make my way to the office whilst listening to a good podcast. I've tried structuring my days before to separate the two businesses but it hasn't always worked for me so I usually just tackle any emails on both accounts straight away. […] I've tried getting into more activities after work like spinning and yoga recently as it's one of the only things that help get my mind off work. Otherwise I'll binge watch a Netflix series which always helps me to unwind - such a millennial!'“ - Seyda Karimpour, Founder of The Work Club London