Jil Sander. Präsens: What To Know Before The Exhibition

Lo and behold, there's a new solo exhibition and this time it is focused on none other than fashion designer Jil Sander. The show, running until May 16, will be held in Frankfurt's at the Museum Angewandte Kunst. 

Matthias Wagner K repeatedly proposed the project,” Jil Sander told Vogue of the museum director’s mission to house her first retrospective in his Frankfurt establishment. “He values my work, and I felt that it could be fruitful curating it cooperatively, so I finally found time to go through my archives.
— Jil Sander for Vogue UK

The history

Heidemarie Jiline "Jil" Sander is a German fashion designer, founder of homonymous clothing brand. After studying in her native country and then California, she started her own brand in Hamburg, Germany. The label soon acquired recognition thanks to the flourishing of a stable internation following. After a few issues with Prada, whom she sold 75% of her company share to, she resigned from her creative director position for good in 2013. After that, she focused on a few collections with Uniqlo, where she oversaw them through her new-found fashion consultancy. 


The label

Known for its minimalistic take, three-dimensional cuts and sculptural silhouettes, Jil Sander became a staple for the working woman wardrobe, especially throughout the 90's. The designer passion for architecture, interior and product design was clearly visible throughout her whole career, when applied to store design like the one for the flagship shop in 1994 at avenue Montaigne in Paris.  

The way I applied my aesthetics to the architecture, lighting, floor plan, its generous definition of space — this was something new for a fashion store. It made me realise that my ideas were not limited to fashion. They were a new view on everything. But I must say that I’m most proud of establishing a global fashion brand with my hometown Hamburg as its headquarters — though I couldn’t have done it without my brother and his wife who were intimately involved in building my company.
— Jil Sander for The Gentlewoman: The Calling

The exhibition

[...] a retrospective overview exhibition, but a new, up-to-date complete work that becomes an aesthetic event through Jil Sander's presence.

Thematically, the exhibition, curated by Matthias Wagner K in close collaboration with Jil Sander, is divided into catwalks, backstage, studio, fashion collections, accessories, cosmetics, fashion photography and campaigns, fashion and art, architecture and garden art. It plays the entire museum building on about 3,000 square meters of exhibition space.

You can read more about the exhibition on Museum Angewandte Kunst's page.