Visit: Le Jardin Majorelle

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If you haven't been, you will not know what it is like. Most importantly, if you haven't been in 2017, you are probably not a millenial.

Enter one of the most visited gardens of 2017: the Majorelle Gardens of Marrakech, Morocco.
The Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech is one of the most visited sites in Morocco. It took French painter Jacques Majorelle forty years of pure dedication to create this charming garden in the heart of the “Ochre City”.
The artist became famous for his travels and his ever-growing passion for botany: he began to bring plants of all sorts from around the world, building his passion in the form of the beautiful plants and flower arrangements of the Majorelle gardens.

He first painted the facade of his studio, then all of his property including gates, pergolas, pots and the various buildings in a scheme of bold and brilliant primary colors, one of which would later be known as “Majorelle blue”, an ultramarine, cobalt blue, “evoking Africa”.
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Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé discovered the Jardin Majorelle in 1966, during one of their first trips to the city of Marrakech. 

We quickly became very familiar with this garden, and went there every day. It was open to the public yet almost empty. We were seduced by this oasis where colours used by Matisse were mixed with those of nature. » … « And when we heard that the garden was to be sold and replaced by a hotel, we did everything we could to stop that project from happening. This is how we eventually became owners of the garden and of the villa. And we have brought life back to the garden through the years.
— Pierre Bergé Yves Saint Laurent, “Une passion marocaine"
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On November 27, 2010, the street in front of the Jardin Majorelle’s entrance was renamed the Rue Yves Saint Laurent in his honour. The street is now filled with touristy shops and interior stores where you can find all things cobalt blue. 

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I highly recommend visiting the Jardin Majorelle: it can sound like a bit of a cliché now that so many have been this year, however the ever-green place hasn't lost any of its charm. For any plant lover, this will look and feel like paradise. In addition to that, the outdoor cafè and the on going exhibition presenting old Yves Saint Laurent prints have everything for the contemporary design-and-food-junkie traveller.