Jacque(s): The Beauty Behind Everyday Sounds

One of the freshest faces in the French electronic music scene, Jacque(s) has become known for making music out of everyday sounds. Household objects like paper, pens, carafes of water, ping pong balls... become part of their improvised compositions. Compositions that become sensorial to the niche audience he's making music for. 

In one of his latest performances, Phonocase, filmed in gallery-bar l'Amour à Paris, the young man making beats from items including a globe, a pen, a bike and a simple piece of paper.

After his first EP, Tout est magnifique, he's already got many projects in the works: one of them participating with French movie director Julian Stark on the film French Waves, a study of electronic music evolution and its involvement in the French Touch from early 90s until today.