Fran Miller of F. Miller: Off Duty

Today we talked to Fran, founder of eponymous skin-care line F. Miller, which has been a pioneer in the world of sustainable and natural beauty. Fran started F. Miller in 2014 because she couldn’t find the skincare she wanted — a pared-back roster of select staples, luxurious in their inherent minimalism. Effective natural products created from the highest quality ingredients and meticulously formulated for daily use. 

Starting with their now signature Face Oil, Fran worked alongside a cosmetic chemist to construct an expertly balanced blend of 22 active botanical ingredients that at once cultivate luminous skin, deliver multi-correctional results, and deeply nourish all skin types.

In the last five years she has maintained the same strict standards for each material she sources and any product she introduces to the collection: they use certified organic and ethically wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, taking care to partner directly with mindful manufacturers around the world. Every product is multi-tasking and multi-use, designed for versatility and seamless layering. Their herbal infusions are crafted in-house and they hand blend each formula in small batches to maintain freshness and efficacy, whilst prioritising eco-friendly, responsibly sourced packaging materials.

With features in Vogue and The Coveteur and stockists like The Dreslyn and La Gent, the brand has become a must in natural skincare. We talked to Fran and asked her not only about her own wonderful brand but also about the life of the face behind the name.


Hi Fran! How are you today? You founded F. Miller skincare back in 2014: tell us your story.

Hi Daria! Thanks for having me :) To sum it up, I started the line out of a need for the type of skincare I wanted, yet couldn't really find — elevated, effective essentials that were multi-functional, timeless, consciously created and thoughtfully designed.

When did you realise it was time to officially launch the brand - take the leap if you want to?

I started formulating my own skincare products in my early twenties after dealing with a number of skin sensitivities and irritations. I had arrived at a place in my career that no longer felt fulfilling or challenging and that's when I decided to set everything aside and narrow my focus on actualizing this idea in my head. It was definitely a risk and ultimately something that I was passionate about and believed (and hoped!) would resonate with others.

Did you study beauty before or were you working in another field?

I studied Fashion Communication and worked for years in wholesale and retail management. I had always been pretty beauty-obsessed though, and considered taking the paths of makeup artistry and aesthetics early on. I eventually received certification in cosmetic formulation before starting to officially dabble in my own production.

What's at the core of F. Miller? I noticed how amazingly sustainable the brand is.

Multi-functional, transformative products that are guided by transparency, sustainability and purposeful design. My goal from day one was to create a line of effortless essentials, items centred around simplification, that were ideal for anyone at anytime regardless of skin type or gender. Operating all aspects of our business in an ethical, sustainable and environmentally and socially-conscious manner will always be a top priority for me. The products we use in our daily routines can be highly effective and beautiful without compromising on integrity, people, or the planet — F. Miller aims to prove that.


Multi-functional, transformative products that are guided by transparency, sustainability and purposeful design.

How important is self care to you and how do you take care of your mind and body?

My own well-being is incredibly important as it ultimately dictates how I run my business and how I contribute to the relationships closest to me. Taking time for myself, absorbing information from sources other than social media, and being in nature as often as possible are what contribute to a sense of balance for me.

Do you have a morning ritual? What does your daily routine involve?

Morning rituals involve hitting snooze multiple times, 5-10min of stretching and warm water with lemon. I always light incense first thing and make a green juice if I'm not lazy, followed by coffee and 10-20min of reading or just hanging out on the couch with my partner, Jackie. If the weather is nice, we'll make coffee to go and take our dog, Bagel, to the park before starting work for the day.


Did you always know you were going to be into the world of beauty?

Not at all. But looking back, it completely makes sense to me now.

What other interests would you say define you and perhaps the inspiration behind F. Miller?

I draw most of my inspiration from travel, art, spaces, and interesting conversations with interesting people. F. Miller has always taken an artful approach to beauty and the things/ideas that influence me personally will always naturally bleed into what we do with the brand. That also extends beyond the products we make and into the ideas and content we aim to put out.

What is one woman that has inspired you up to this day?

My mother. Endlessly grateful for her example of resilience and love.

Finally, what would your advice be to a young woman wanting to launch her own brand?

The world needs more brands that come from a place of authenticity, mindfulness and purpose. I think we need less things, and more depth. If that resonates and you feel that your offering will resonate with others, take the risk.