Epitome No.8

Talking about the latest finds in the world of design, art and literature. this week’s Epitome focuses on one of our favourite writers Sally rooney, new exhibitions in Copenhagen and the best video interviews of this month.


 1. 64-year-old literary critic Martin Ebel has started has provoked anger and internet fun for his review of Rooney’s novel, Conversations with Friends, which praised her “promising” physical appearance. Sally Rooney is far from the first woman to be undermined by a distracted male journalist. Read The Guardian piece here.

2. Matilda Goad is capturing the eye homemakers, designers and brands alike across the United Kingdom with her effortless eye for design. Semaine has just published a brilliant piece complimented with afternoon tea with her.

3. What’s Your Legacy has interviewed Thea Løvstad about everything sustainability in their latest video.

4. Christiane Spangsberg has opened her latest show, Garden of Eden, in Copenhagen. If you happen to be in the city, you better not miss it.