Epitome No.6

Talking about the latest finds in the world of design, art and literature, this week’s Epitome focuses on must-see exhibition in london and interviews in new york.


 1. Babba C. Rivera, founder of creative marketing agency By Babba, shows us her home and closet on The Coveteur.

2. In May the 2019 edition of Photo London opened at Somerset House, revealing not only amazing photography but also a delightful exhibition on Vivian Maier’s work.

3. A self-described “Chinese woman who takes photographs of naked Western men”, photographer and PhD student at the RCA Yushi Li had April’s Nicer Tuesdays audience laughing as she discussed her recent series, My Tinder Boys

4. The new exhibition Living Colour at the Barbican on Lee Krasner has amazed not few people and in only 4 days since its opening. “Does it always have to be about Pollock? That he overshadowed Krasner, both in life and death, is inescapable.” - The Guardian reviews it.