We Talk To Astrid Wilson About Her Latest Collaboration With Rixo

We first stumbled upon Astrid Wilson’s work on Rixo’s account, thanks to the amazing 5 prints she created in collaboration with the London-based fashion brand. Today we talk to her about going freelance, using painting as a tool for recovery and her amazing and uber colourful artworks.


Hey Astrid! Tell us about yourself: where are you currently writing from?

Right now I am sitting at my best friend Hanna’s place, eating breakfast. We are both freelance, so we often work together and help each other out a few days a week.

You’ve recently become a full time illustrator - where were you before and what were you doing?

Before I started to work as a full time illustrator, I was working at the Swedish fashion brand Gina Tricot. I worked there for almost seven years and have during these years had 3 different jobs. Most recently I have worked with PR & Social Media.

Did you always know you wanted to be a freelance illustrator or do something creative?


No, I didn’t: I have have had so many different dreams. For a long time I wanted to be a doctor, but I am very glad that I changed my mind in high school. I am too emotionally involved in other people’s lives and I would have been a mess! For a long time I thought that I didn't have the creative soul in me and therefore I worked about 4 years within project management, coordinating projects. Nothing creative about it at all.

After about 4 years I got sick of working: it became a struggle, also physically talking, so I had to leave my job for about 3 months.

I have always loved to paint but during my sick leave, I saw the painting as a rehabilitation and I started doing it more often. Initially, I mainly painted with acrylic but I realised that I have very little patience, and it took too much time to paint with acrylic. I changed my mind about colour combinations and motif at least 100 times daily and I was basically never finished with any of my acrylic paintings.. That was when I found out about digital art and now I am totally obsessed since.

We’ve come across your work thanks to the amazing collaboration with London-based brand Rixo. How did the collaboration happen?

They sent me a DM on Instagram and asked if I wanted to exhibit my art works in their pop up store in London. First the idea was that I would exhibit my existing art works, later on we started talking about making art work exclusively for them: the match between us felt so good I ended up creating 5 unique art works inspired by Rixo Spring collection. The art works are for sale on my website and their website and physically in their pop up store in London, Kings Road 74, Chelsea.


What do your five pieces of work represent?

The pieces are interpretations of Rixo Spring collection. To be honest we felt like such a good match mainly because I love strong colours and playful patterns, and that is something you always see in my everyday work. So for me it felt natural to play with other attributes which for me are close at hand, like nature, flowers, animals, women. Those are things I love to illustrate and it felt very right do to it here as well. Almost a bit of Alice-in-wonderland-feeling.

What is your inspiration in your work?

Yes, I am obsessed with with flowers.. Besides that I love to work with popping colours and playful patterns. I often also have nature, animals and women recurring in my illustrations.

Your style is amazing! And so colourful. What are your go to 3 items right now?

Thank you! The most important thing for me is to be comfortable, therefore I love sneakers, one of my maxi dresses and a hoodie. Simple and above all - easy and comfortable to move in!

What advice would you give to an illustrator want-to-be?

Give it time and practice a lot. There are so many different techniques and elements you can develop within what you illustrate. Recently, I hardly want to think about how many hours I have been sitting and just drawing and drawing, but that is the only way to improve and develop your own style.

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You can visit Astrid Wilson’s work here and follow her @astridwilson