Chloe Wise New Show in London Will Make You Look Better At (Your) 'Self'


Canadian painter Chloe Wise’s first British exhibition ‘Not That We Don’t’ has opened this week at Almine Rech Gallery in Mayfair, London. The show includes paintings, sculptures and video work. Foregrounding an interest in the history of portraiture, Wise’s painting examines the concept of ‘Self’, paying particular attention to the interweaving of consumption and image making. Advertising, fashion, taboo, multi-national brands—Wise looks to the consumptive habits built around these structures with parody and derision, underlying how the body is framed and becomes excessive in its manipulation of these sites.

Using her usual dash of self-deprecating humour whilst closely examining contemporary culture and social media, Wise uses different media to poke fun at our modern society. It’s a whole interesting dive into today’s materialism: being in a gallery where perfected, almost air-brushed, wealthy persons look at the viewer, inviting them to look at their life as if they were sharing it with the viewer - who’s only then showed their real imperfections in the video work on the floor below.

The exhibition is free and open until May 18, 2019.