We talk to Victoria, founder of jewelry brand Mermaid Stories

Mermaid Stories is a young brand in Copenhagen, designing modern luxurious women's watches and jewelry. In love with Scandinavian chic, They aspire to create a curated selection of favourite items that will accompany you for a long time. 

We talk to Mermaid Stories’ founder Victoria Weber.


We love Copenhagen style. What is the story behind Mermaid Stories?

Mermaid Stories is an accessory and jewellery brand combining minimalism and magic. Our vision is to create products that have the potential to become your favorite pieces. The brand’s name doesn’t only reflect that we are based in Copenhagen, but also that we want our products and brand to have a soul. For us, mermaids are dreamers and doers at the same time. We love to tell their stories, for example on our blog where we feature great women who inspire us.

What was your background: Did you study fashion or jewellery making?

I studied at Copenhagen Business School, where I did a master’s degree in Innovation and Business Development. But I have always been interested in design. Mermaid Stories is the combination of both worlds - even though the operational and administrative parts of running a company are naturally filling quite a lot.


How did you start your own company?

By making a plan and not waiting too long to implement it! Denmark is known for being very digital. This also applies for all things business - most registrations can be done online. That’s especially nice for getting started; you don’t need to go to ten offices to begin with. In addition, there are many great resources for entrepreneurs. So the part of setting up the legal parts was very straightforward. What took a lot of research and time was the product development process. I was very picky about the materials and the overall details of the first watch collection which launched in 2016. The search for the perfect leather took forever! I went to see many types of leather from different suppliers and had to travel quite a bit to find the right one. Now we have wonderful soft, vegetable tanned leather from Germany which our straps are made of, and a lot of customers tell us they have noticed its great quality. But it took a really long time to get there… The learning: Everything takes longer than expected.


You've kind of taken the Scandi-minimalism and added a touch of magic to it. How does Scandinavian style apply to your brand? Do you believe a specific quality of the so-known Copenhagen aesthetic has inspired you?

Copenhagen is definitely a great inspiration! Many cool entrepreneurs and fashion brands are based here. People are in general very interested in design, and I just love the street style. I find it very inspiring to see people mixing the typical Scandi aesthetic, which often is referred to as minimalistic, with some splashes of color and unique accessories. These days, there are many exciting brands here in Copenhagen that add some more playful notes to the Scandi minimalism, like Sofie Sol who makes beautiful dresses or Poppykalas who creates unique flower designs. I feel that in Copenhagen, it’s not either/or, like minimalistic or bohemian, but an exciting mix of many different styles.

Why did you choose timepieces like watches?

When studying, I noticed that many chic women always wore jewellery, but not watches on a daily basis. So I started asking them why. The two main answers were: They didn’t like the branding of many watch brands on the market. And: They thought that watches were uncomfortable because of stiff straps or too heavy bands. It was really an eye-opener. So these two were exactly the points we tried to address with our first collection: The watches are extremely light on your wrist and the leather is vegetable tanned and soft from the start. And secondly, Mermaid Stories is all about the poetic aspect of time instead of the sporty or competitive one that some more male-oriented brands have.

How do you imagine your audience to be like and what would you describe as your typical customer?

We are always surprised how few “typical” attributes there are! We see that many different women like our products. In general, the mermaids, as we call them, are paying attention to details and like to wear something special that not everyone has.


How does your typical work day look like?

There are very few days that are the same, which is exactly what I like about being an entrepreneur. That being said, of course my life includes many hours at the desk. To take a break, these are my top three recommendations in Copenhagen: Wulff & Konstali for coffee meeting, California Kitchen for lunch, the beach at Amager Strand for walks (which is really close to the Mermaid Stories studio.

What was the process of going into jewellery after working with watches for so long?

From the start, the vision was and is to build an entire Mermaid Stories world. We were being asked a lot about “what’s coming next” by customers who already had bought our watches. It felt like a natural extension to extend into pearl jewellery. Again, the process of finding the right suppliers and to develop the final products took some time. When you want specific rainbow shades for your baroque pearls, you have to look around quite a bit.

What's next for Mermaid Stories?

We already have new products in the making which we are excited to launch soon. We want to build an entire Mermaid Stories universe!

You can shop Mermaid Stories on their website and follow them @mermaid_stories