Delta Venus: How to channel introspective journeys into art


Hi Delta! Where are you writing from right now?

I am writing from my beachside studio in Queensland, Australia.

What's your story?

Art found me, like all of the best things do. I had been creatively stagnant for a few years and like an eruption of energy, the urge to paint came out of the blue nearly a year and a half ago and it hasn't left since. I am not classically trained as an artist or a designer. I think transforming my internal processes into something outside of myself has been fundamental to my emotional wellbeing. The whole process is quite intuitive for me. I create work every day, like brushing my teeth or eating a meal. I needed more beauty in my life and so I created it. 

Your artworks are beautiful! Where do you get your inspiration from?

Thank you! My inspiration comes from everything, honestly. From a bowl of pasta to a walk through the rainforest to the feeling of a silk scarf. I'm constantly inspired by everything and at times it can be overwhelming. Currently, I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from my introspective journey through consciousness and memory. Whilst I can draw so much inspiration from external sources, I also find a lot of value in finding inspiration from internal sources too. 

What's your favourite medium of choice and why?

This is a really hard question for me to answer. I actually don't have a favourite. I think different mediums and different forms of creating serve different purposes. Some days I will have a concept that makes the most sense as a sculpture, other times this might translate better as a painting or a digital piece. It just depends on whatever is going on in my head and what I feel like at the time. 

Mind Dimension.JPG
Multi-Dimensional, Delta Venus.png

I gathered from your Instagram that you not only like to share your artwork but also your thoughts about them or about your state of consciousness at the moment of making the artwork. Tell me a bit more about your way of sharing "yourself" through your art.

For the most part, what I share with my pieces is a bit of a visual diary and memory for myself. I have a terrible memory so most of my experience is captured in my work and my words. But otherwise, I find social media to be a little disconnecting. Everyone is reflecting this idea of themselves which makes it harder to form genuine connection. I like to try and share honestly, whether I'm having a good day or a bad one and I've found in doing this I have been able to form some really incredible relationships with people from across the world. I want people to see my work or read my words and feel heard. I want to bring poetry and art into peoples daily lives so they remember what a treasure it is to exist physically in this playground we call home. 


Do you have any upcoming projects in the near future?

I'm currently working on a really exciting collaboration with a local brand called Molten Store on a collaboration for three new fragrances they will be releasing. The scents are called Stardust, Fresh Earth and Downpour and I have created three pieces which embody the feeling the scents provide. I have been a collector of perfumes for as long as I can remember so this partnership really aligned with me. I am also exhibiting in the My Chameleon Gallery launch in Sydney mid-March and will be part of a group show with some powerful women to raise money for charity in Melbourne in April. 

You can find Delta Venus work here and follow her @deltavenus