The Ode To: Great Aesthetics By Great Women


Launched in Spring 2018, The Ode To is not your typical art store: conceived as a tribute to great female art, from paintings to ceramics, it showcases talented work made by artists from all over the world. The Ode To was founded by friends Helena Carlberg and Anna Lukins who after years spent rummaging through flea markets, museum shops and design stores, decided to give their passion a go and found a new job.

The Ode To means tribute - our tribute is to great artistry and design, and not the least to female artistry. We mainly work with female creatives to counterweight the imbalance that exists also within the design and art world. Women are overrepresented at art schools, as creative practitioners and customers, and yet male artists are heard, awarded and payed more. We always choose to work with creatives whose artistry we admire, both male and female, but we will also work harder to give women a platform for their creativity. Not a bad thing ;)

The Ode To great aesthetics, strong women, art buffs, dreamy spaces, perfected details and all other things
we treasure.
Photo: Mikael Lundblad

Photo: Mikael Lundblad

The artworks are made as limited editions - that way real collectors can take the pleasure in owning unique pieces that no one else will have. Each artist is carefully selected and asked to make exclusive work for The Ode To. All prints are then made in only 100 editions, printed on the best quality paper and carefully numbered. Along with printed goods, the store sells gorgeous ceramic sculptures and pictures in wood: there is really anything for the collector out there.

La Collectionneuse’ Selection

You can find the store here and follow them