City Guide: Berlin

Berlin is a city in perpetual change: rich of history, it's a city that is capable of offering something to any type of visitor. One of the most international European capitals, Berlin is the city for you whether you're looking for a relaxed weekend away or a 48-hour techno night.

Where to stay

If you're looking for thoughtful design and green interiors, German houses, just like Scandinavian ones  will not disappoint you. As always, one of the best options out there is AirBnb. The area of Mitte - literally 'middle' - might become a favourite of yours as a daily destination for coffee or art viewing, so it is definitely to consider as your choice of home location. The two metro lines U-bahn and S-bahn will take you anywhere fast and for a low fare.


What to see

When going to Berlin, there is an infinite list of monuments to view or galleries to visit. Of course, having had its history, the city presents well-known locations such as Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe or the much-photographed Berlin Wall. Presuming these will already be on your list on your first visit to the city, the following should be a must when visiting Berlin:

Unité d'habitation is a great start point for any Le Corbusier fan or architecture enthusiast: built in 1857 to partecipate in an exhibition for post-war housing solutions, the building features the classic colours used by the urban artist.


KW Institute for Contemporary Art should be at the top of your art-to-view list in Berlin: comparable to a Tate Modern of London, the gallery exhibits the latest pieces of contemporary art and hosted the Design Biennale in 2018 as well. C/O Berlin shows brillaint photography exhibitions, the latest being a great review of Wim Wenders collection of polaroid pictures. And if you still have a bit of time on your hands, Berlinische Galerie should be on your list too. 

Where to eat (and drink plenty of coffee)

Wake up in the morning, get your favourite sunglasses on (or winter hat, if cold) and head out to taste a delicious coffee at The Barn Roastery. If you're not much of a coffee snob, but you appreciate health-freak food or simply delicious vegan breakfasts, Daluma should be your no.1 choice. 

Once breakfast is sorted, the choice for mid-day or evening meal is endless: from hummus filled meals like the ones at Kanaan to hot ramen served in stunning ceramic bowls at Cocolo to a pharmacy-turned restaurant like ORA, you will definitely feel spoilt for choice. The latest addition is the uber cool L.A. Poke, serving poke bowls in Hockney-inspired interior rooms.


Where to shop

Berlin has far more to offer than your usual European high-street stores: visit Voo Store for luxury clothing items - and sneak in a latte at Companion Coffee since you're there. If you're looking for something a little more paper-y or cultural, Do you read me? will probably become your favourite go-to.