A flower arrangement revolution: BRRCH Floral

Brittany Asch is an artist, a performer, an Instagrammer, but not a florist. As mentioned in her latest interview with Dazed, she doesn’t define herself as one. Brittany is the founder of the floral studio BRRCH, a place that has become greatly acclaimed in the past year for working for celebrities and living brands of the likes of Rihanna and Florence and the Machine.

Florist seems misleading. It makes people think I have a store, or that I am part of the trade where you can order 12 stems as a gesture. I have no interest in occupying my time that way
— Brittany Asch, Dazed Digital

Whilst flower arrangements have hit social media and become a “trend” in the past year, with Ikebana workshops opening their doors to all new types of customers; Brittany’s creations seem to have stood out for their tenderness and out-of-this-world feel. The New York-based practice BRRCH is already counting contemporary brands, personalities and pop stars like Troye Sivan, Fenty and Martha Stewart.
You don’t have to be passionate about flowers to have seen her work before: if you follow Glossier, Vogue or Mansur Gavriel you will have already seen her arrangements being displayed in their stores or social media posts.


She mentions to Dazed how it all started from grief: with the abrupt death of her father, she had no interested in making music anymore - what she had studied until that point, at Berklee College of Music - she didn’t want to feel vulnerable in that way. No long afterwards, she found herself becoming passionate about flowers, then creating her own signature style whilst visiting L.A. and experimenting with tropical and non-tropical flowers.

Flower arrangement was incredibly conventional back in 2011 when Brittany started, but that didn’t stop her from creating her own way of doing it: Anthuriums and orchids are now a trademark of BRRCH studio with followers double tapping on her arrangements without even realising who’s work they’re liking.

What’s next for BBRCH then?

Always 10 things at once. Hopefully directing a music video, getting some photos I took published somewhere and carving out time to write. In May 2019, you can go see John Wick 3 with Keanu (Reeves). I left my flower print all over that one.
— Brittany Asch, Dazed Digital

You can find BRRCH studio at www.brrch.com and follow @brrch_floral.