leikela: Fine Art Online

The new leikela exhibition pop up launched last weekend in Berlin as a celebration of their first year online. Founded by Rahel Gorten, leikela offers a wide range of exclusive pieces of art by Anne-Katrin Ahrens @inst.i, @suse.bauer, Hank Schmidt in der Beek, Maximilien Brunon @mlgm_brunon, Tahnee Godt @tahnee_gg, @juliangorten, @simonhemmer, Marcel Hüppauff @c.k.dexter.haven, @nuriamora, @franziskaopel, @liasaile, @anne_vagt, @marcozumbe!

Torstrasse 161, 10115 Berlin


The concept behind leikela is not a new one - a gallery displaying artists’ work, however with a twist: the artwork is exclusively done for the gallery, which follows the artistic process and the production so that the client or viewer not only can observe the making of the piece, but can learn how it is made before taking it home. Many of the artists picked by leikela are young and emerging talents: the are given support and in exchange they will show their artistic processes by documenting their creation. The approach to the artwork becomes less about buying and more personal, closer to who might ultimately purchase it.

leikela has a broad and daily growing network of artists and of production places which we strive to connect, so that the artists also profit by having the option to be inspired by one another, to explore and play.The artistic process and the finished artwork are inevitably linked. By following leikela on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll be able to be connected closely to these processes, accompanying the artist from the start until the finished art editions will be displayed in our shop online. Wouldn’t it be great to actually observe the actual process of the creation of a piece of art, and then being able to buy it for your home or for someone you like? You will get an insight into the whole story behind it
— leikela.net