A Restless Soul in Stockholm: Frida Regheim, Social Media Editor at & Other Stories and More

Frida Regheim is a Stockholm-based Social Media Editor for &Other Stories, however she's much more than that. Having moved between New York and Stockholm in the past few years, then created a publication with her friends - New magazine and now working on her and her best friend Linn's OneWayTicket podcast, she's an all around creative with a restless soul.

Hi, Frida. Tell us a bit about you and what you do, please. 

I’m a creative, restless, positive 25 year old from Stockholm, Sweden. I do social at & Other Stories, host a podcast and run a blog on

As you state on your blog, you have been writing since the early age of 13. Have you always felt writing was your own way to express your creativity?

Definitely. I’ve been writing everything from short stories to poems to songs for as long as I can remember. It’s been my kind of therapy in a way, to get everything out. Sometimes I publish it, sometimes it stays in my journal. It’s also a way for me to live out my dreams and build up situations I wish I was in.

On your blog, you tend to share even more, in terms of photography and videos. Do you feel like this is a way to express your ideas secondary to writing?

Yeah, I guess so. I’ve always felt a need to share my world and my ideas somehow. When I was younger, before I’d hang out online, I used scrapbooks and journals. I’d cut out pictures in magazines of stuff I liked and create themes. Kind of like I do now on the site with my mood and people categories. With my videos I really just want to show myself as I am without the romanticisation. I try to leave them as unedited as possible, but it can be hard sometimes. Of course I aim to make them inspiring and I want them to have a certain vibe, but I also don’t want them to feel too curated or thought through. 

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How has your blog changed over the years and why?

Oh man I’ve changed it up so many times. Probably too many haha. I’ve struggled a lot with the blog because it kind of shows me off in a way that is not true. I think is natural to want to show yourself in the best possible way, but that’s also what’s making kids today feel so shitty about themselves because they think everyone else is living a much more exciting life. It’s so fucked. Honestly I’m so turned off by the superficial social media world we live in right now and I do not want to be part of it. I hope I can contribute with something more real and authentic.

But still it’s complicated, because I obviously think I’m important enough for people to listen to what I have to say. You know? That’s why I think I try to create little worlds out of every post. I want people to have a certain mood when reading or looking at my posts, not feel as if I’m telling them how to do things, how to live their lives, how to dress, what to eat, how to do their job. I’m so over all these how to’s. Which I guess the rest of the internet disagrees with me on, but whatever.

You've recently joined the & Other Stories team as Social Media Editor. Could you tell us a bit about what does a typical work day for you look like?

I joined in August, just after I moved home from New York. It was a big transition, having been in advertising for over two years and now going into fashion and being on the “other” side of things. A usual day include a lot of strategy. Looking at our content and seeing how it’s performing. Both engagement wise and sales wise. I plan out our content calendar and keep up with what our followers are saying about us. I see myself as the eyes and ears of the brand kind of. It’s super interesting to be so close to the customers and really interact with them and take their feedback to heart. I really like that part of the job. But also of course planning our content and working with the campaign and studio teams to create cool stuff for us to post. 

Has the position changed your attitude towards social media or has it given you any further insight into what it means to "share" on social media*?

If anything it has made me use social less. You know how you’re avoiding going to the area where your office is in on the weekends? It’s like that, only my office is on Instagram and Facebook. I find myself wanting to unplug as much as possible. I try to put my phone away more often and I’ve turned off most notifications. I also find myself having a more relaxed and unedited attitude towards my personal channels. I guess it’s like a counter force. All I do at work is planning content, so when I post for myself I want it to be more natural and spontaneous. But most of all it’s important for me to find those moments where I just can’t look at my phone. Like when I’m meditating or working out. That’s pure Frida-time. 

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In the last few years, you have worked on various different projects: first your job as Social Media Editor at & Other Stories, then new magazine and also the podcast OneWayTicket with your dear friend Linn. How did you find working on such different medium from each other?

I’ve always done stuff outside of work. I think it’s a way for me to really feel in charge of my creativity and doing stuff my way.

I enjoyed working on new magazine so much. It was such an emotional ride for me in a way. I worked on it with my friends Linnea Mesko and Frida-My Sundqvist and the three of us are very different in our ways of working. It worked in our advantage though and the final product was such a beautiful piece of art. But after we wrapped up the first issue, I just couldn’t stay on anymore. It really drained me I think, both creatively and emotionally. So I pulled out for the sake of the magazine. I wouldn’t have been able to do a good job at it. I’m convinced the girls are going to create something great for the next issue though. They are probably the two most talented people I know, in their fields.

The podcast is just pure joy. Linn and I are very alike in our thinking and we just vibe. After we’ve been on the phone or whatever, I always feel so full of energy and inspiration. And we’re best friends too, of course. I love how it feels like such a chill project in a way, just two friends playing around. I think we have a very relaxed attitude towards it all, always reminding each other that it should be fun. And when it’s not fun, we look at what we’re doing wrong and change it up. And that in itself is professional. It’s also an exciting thing because we’re slowly but steady building up a really cool community with this podcast. There are so many Swedes living abroad and we want to connect them and help them make the best of their time outside of Sweden. I almost think that in itself is more interesting and I think we can make it bigger than just the podcast itself.

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new magazine turned out to be a lovely and successful paper: could you tell us a bit about how it was born and what was your particular position in it?

It was Frida-My and Linnea who kind of gave birth to the idea of doing a magazine. They asked me if I wanted to be part of it and be in charge of all the writing. I was living in New York at the time and I really craved a personal project and I knew working with them would be exciting. So I was brought on as co-founder and creative director with a focus on writing. We did everything together though, always weighing in on everything which was cool but also very intense. I was the one who was in charge of all the communication with collaborators and drove that part of the project, which was so fun. I’ve gotten in touch with people whose work I admire so much and grown my network through that.

I think I just felt a bit disconnected to the project after we launched. I went through a lot during that time personally so with the magazine taking a lot of my time and energy, I came out on the other side completely drained. It had been such a whirlwind and we launched just right after I moved back to Sweden after 6 years abroad. It just got to the point where it was too much and I had to put myself first. So that’s why I decided to not work on the second issue.

Podcasts have become very popular during these last two years. What made you and Linn choose the particular topic of travelling - or better moving - from country to country? Have you been happy with the response to the podcast so far?

Both Linn and I have lived abroad for a long time. Combined we’ve lived in 10 cities around the world, which I think is really cool. We’d wanted to do something creative together for a while and one day Linn just asked me if I wanted to start a podcast with her. It started out more like a conversation between two best friends on two sides of the Atlantic. But then we realized that our listeners really wanted information and help regarding living abroad, so we decided to go down that path. 

The response has been amazing. I’m so happy to talk to such an interested, engaged group. I hope we can take it to the next level and actually meet these people in real life soon through events and live recordings. 

Finally, do you see yourself continuing on all these projects or embarking on any new one in the next year?

I don’t know! I’m always excited about new projects and I don’t think I’ll ever be a “settling” kind of person. I’m very restless, so as soon as something becomes dull or mundane I start something new. I do hope I get to work more on the podcast though and expand its network. Also growing and learning at Stories is something I’m very excited about.