The positivity of negative space: Rachael Whiteread

As one of the leading sculpture artists in Great Britain, Rachael Whiteread could not have missed an exhibition at Tate Britain

Using plaster, concrete, resin, rubber and metal as prime materials to create everyday objects and architectural space, Rachael Whiteread has become a pioneer of the art of casting. Having been the first woman to have won the Turner Prize in 1993, Whiteread has gone "from filling a rubber hot-water bottle with liquid plaster and using it as a mould, Whiteread has gone on to cast sinks and baths and mattresses, the interior of a room in north London, then an entire East End house slated for demolition" (The Guardian). 


The exhibition at Tate Britain, running until 21 January 2018, showcases some of the best pieces by the artist, such as Untitled (100 Spaces) and Untitled (Stairs).