Levante: A Modern Frida

Claudia Lagona, better known with her artist name, Levante (a word used in Italian to point East), is a Sicily-born singer-songwriter. Firstly debuted in 2013, she has fast become the queen of the Italian Pop-Indie music scene, reaching out to her audience with her heart-breaking lyrics and her radiant energy.


Who is Levante

Deep brown eyes, long hair sometimes put up in a knot and thick eyebrows, Levante definitely brings her Sicilian origins with her look. After her father's death, which will affect most of her life and who she dedicates her songs to still now, her mother and she move to Turin. 

The music

In 2013 Levante appeared in the Italian music scene with her debut hit, Alfonso; 2015 saw her the second one Abbi Cura di Te; now with her third album Nel Caos di Stanze Stupefacenti, Levante has proved her talent multiple times, launching hits like Un Pezzo di Me in collaboration with Max Gazzè and Assenzio with J Ax and Fedez. In 2017, we see her taking over the XFactor stage as part of the jury. 

Why we love her

There is something particularly down to earth in Levante. Despite her incredible success, she remains with her feet on the ground: feet that she actually stares at intensely every time prior a concert to remind herself where she came from and how she got where she is. Her love for all art things have brought her many secret talents, one of them drawing: a skill she only shows some lucky interviewers or Instagram followers. Her admiration for the artist Frida Kahlo is visible in her style choices, from statement earrings to bold patterned clothes, and in her home interior choices - sneak peak in the video below - where objects and trinkets saved during her travels fill the walls of her house.


Levante is currently on tour. Check her website for all info.