Travel Guide: Stockholm

Stockholm City

Known for being the capital of Scandi-cool, Stockholm has definitely become a must-do travel destinations for those passionate about anything design and coffee culture. If you are looking for trendy cafes and untouched flower parks, this is the place for you. 

Where to stay

Stockholm has one main advantage for transport: it has a great metro and transport link - make sure to check the underground art whilst passing through! So wherever you stay, just make sure you have a metro stop at walking distance and it will be fine. However, if you wish to reside in the best of the best, I would suggest Södermalm, the central island, as it is likely to be the area where you will spend most of your time. 

Stockholm Area

What to see 

Now, this is something that depends only on your personal preference. But if you, like me, really really love art and design, you're sure to find a few beautiful spots for that. 

Fotografiska is a must for anyone who likes photography and it's a great location too - near the port, you can enjoy a walk along the sea side after visiting some of the greatest exhibitions.

Moderna Muuset is a must if you'd like to see an extensive collection of contemporary art pieces. 

moderna museet 2

Where to eat

Cafe Pascal has some amazing options - not many, but if you will find both sandwiches and salads and believe me, you will be very content afterwards.

Meatballs for the People is a must do for anyone who wants a real scandinavian taste - and if you are a fan of IKEA meatballs, there ya' go. You can choose between beef, reindeer and deer meat - no veggie options unfortunately. 

Pom & Flora is a classic for Fika (breakfast), whether you want to brunch or try a cinnamon bun and a cup of coffee. 


Generally, vegetarians and vegans will find Stockholm fairly veggie-friendly, as in almost every café they serve oat or soy milk and supermarkets are basically organic heavens. Best to try: homemade rye bread, Daim chocolate and Oatly cream and milks. 


Where to shop

Grandpa is a must-do for anyone who likes a little interior decor mixed with contemporary fashion labels and all your dream scented candles.

Designtorget is another one for the design lover, with a little more space for homeware and unique design pieces.

Marimekko, a classic Scandi fashion brand, get lost in the world of colorful geometric patterns.

Acne Archive is a little secret shopping spot. Acne Studios lovers know that this shop only exist in Stockholm and Copenhagen: an on-going sample sale where you can find past collections of the brand at ridiculously discounted prices.